Why choose an interior designer?

You have a new space! You’ve dreamed about it, you’ve imagined it, you’ve done everything that is possible to obtain it. Now you have it, but the hardest part is not over yet. The bad news is that it’s just beginning! The real challenge is only starting - you have to create the ambiance you have always wanted, to transform the space into an environment which best provides you with the sensation and emotion you hoped for, you have to make it functional and at the same time unique. A lot of things to do, right? You are a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, an entrepreneur and it’s not like you don’t understand, but you are just not interested in all the complicated details. You want to close your eyes and have the space just like you imagined it. 

For all these reasons and many more, you must consult a specialist.

First of all, an interior architect is intuitive about personality and desires, even before these needs are expressed by the client. As a professional, he listens to the client’s preferences, from color (colors which a lot of the times don’t combine too well) to materials, design style (at times with affinities for several styles) and then draws conclusions so as to  create a design which is homogenous, charming, comfortable and full of personality.

From questions about lifestyle, hobbies, about space functionality and style, the architect draws a “portrait” which is then translated into elements of design. It is the job of the interior architect to identify the needs, the preferences and to transpose them into the space as new, defining elements.

Another advantage the interior architect has, is experience and as such he can spare the client of his most precious resource – time. Each architect has his own stages for the creation process and once these steps are followed closely, the design process will be easily facilitated. Rather than thinking about lighting objects, air conditioners, fans, or wondering about that kitchen corian countertop and that turquoise color, you could be instead relaxing and going to the spa. Let the architect manage all these dilemmas. 

The designer follows his creation process but not without consulting you. He chooses the colors, the best materials, the best versions for the furniture, he executes all the necessary details, researches offers from as many suppliers as possible and manages the building site of the project. All these issues are managed by a professional who respects the client and each new and delightful challenge. 

I have pointed out only a few of the reasons why an interior architect is indispensible in designing any kind of space. He has a vision and the necessary tools to finish a project, with everything that it entails (concept, drafting, technical details, financial offers, execution).

Who would you rather choose: a person who breathes design or someone who thinks marsala is a type of Indian food?