Title: Orange Me

Location: Bucharest

Owner: S.S.


This is a warm house whose interior is sensible and compositionally unadventurous, but it is a house with balanced chromatic. The home’s earth tones (brown, crimson, dark caramel and beige) complement the tones of the sarks and the wood floor’s dark chocolate nuances, emphasizing as such the different functions of the space: sitting area, living and dinning areas. 


The ground floor of the house accommodates, in an effortless manner, the living area, the kitchen and the lavatory. The spaces are connected by the contemporary style of the furniture (straight lines, solid geometries, dominant) and by the balance of the colors,  which are interrupted only by certain shades of orange and yellow.

The sitting area focuses around the TV, which is placed on a high wooden plaque extending all along the height of the second floor. We’ve created a comfortable space around the sofa and the fluffy armchairs, and in order to avoid stuffiness, we’ve used a transparent, glass coffee table.  The entire ensemble has access to the bookcase composed of modular shelves.

The dinning area, approached from a practical perspective, inspires warmth and becomes as such the favorite place for eating in the company of friends and family.

The kitchen continues the neutral lines of the design considered for the other spaces. The cabinets have warm colors, accentuated by the tones of sunlight-yellow used for the open niches in the house.

The downstairs bathroom is emphasized by the geometric pattern of the tiles. The rest of the space features medium sized tiles, colored in  espresso-brown and cinnamon shades.  We’ve placed the boiler within a hidden cupboard, and in this manner we’ve also created an additional storage space. 

Walking upstairs, we uncover a world which is dominated by orange! This colors the ensemble of the matrimonial bed and, together with the other elements - the wood sections which contour the lines of the walls and the furniture which satisfies both an esthetic and functional role – they give the room a delicate, homogenous and compact feel.

The bathroom that services the master bedroom borrows some of the features of the latter , meaning that the space is characterized by an abundance of light, by subtle lines and complementary, pearled decors.

The last two bedrooms belong to the children. Both rooms are balanced, practical and warm. Their energy and  bursts of sunshine materialize with the help of the accessories and their electric-yellow, amber and orange colors.


It is a toned down design, for a couple who is not that daring. It is a versatile design that could be changed at any moment, creating in this manner a new interior belonging to another story.