Title: Metal trick

Location: Luxembourg

Beneficiary​: P. F.


After long negotiations with his dreams, P.F. has decided that the first step toward his new life is change. A change from the inside to the outside, which also includes his Luxembourg apartment. 

“In designing my living room, I want you to keep count of a few things: we keep the tall, grey cabinets (besides the fact that they are functional, they also have sentimental value), the Eames chair and the ottoman,

the Knoll table with metal legs and glass countertop. I don’t want to demolish any of the walls or ceilings. As for the rest, make me a proposal that fits my preferences!”

Perfect! We like the design theme, we like the fact that we don’t have that many restrictions and we have a few ideas about the personality of the client. We also like the elements we have to keep, they show the client’s affinity for architecture and interior design.

The common element of the kept furniture is metal and so we took advantage of that and we built around this cold material which we adore. We framed the wall with a metal border, and on the main wall where we placed the TV, we created a geometrical, metallic network, which we painted, in an electrostatic field, in an orange– saffron color. On the wall mirror, we’ve inserted a bookcase with metallic structure and wooden shelves, which resembles the square dinning room. We’ve divided the 33 square meters room into 3 areas, adjacent, perfectly functional. Between the relaxation and dinning areas, so as not to leave the back of the sofa open, we’ve placed a small piece of furniture made of the same materials as those of the bookcase. There, the client can keep his souvenirs, photographs, memories and stories of his loved ones.

The first draft – love at first site for the designer and the client. We liked the concept, the colors, we liked the materials and as a consequence, we’ve carried out the execution of the design.