Title: Bright House

Location: Bucharest

Beneficiary: S. B.


The best feature of this house? Its architecture! The perfect collaboration between the architect and the interior designer creates a result that satisfies the demands of the family. The most expensive (physical) thing in architecture is light – we took advantage of the large, harmonious windows which are operated electronically, and of the audacity of the client who understood that in his case, large gaps fill the story with star dust, rays of sunshine and natural light. 

We have brought the outside to the inside! We used natural materials whose properties we’ve accentuated through the display of the most unconventional surfaces. The identity of the house is defined by dozens of square meters of natural stone placed alongside the 6 meters high living room walls, by the floorboards which continue on the surface of the office ceiling and on the “floating” steps of the staircase, and by the MDF coating and LED profile insertions from the master bedroom. 

More than that, in this case, we are dealing with an intelligent home: all the electronics, the lighting, the windows and the automated doors, sustain the comfort of the people who call this place “home”.

This quality is emphasized also in the main, metallic unit of the house. Here we’ve incorporated more elements: the fireplace, the entertainment area, the spaces for books and decorations, and for the purpose of compositional harmony, we’ve created an area for storing firewood. The fireplace is electrically operated and thus the secured glass, fire resistant, can be lifted so as to generate more heat or a smell of burning wood. At the same time, the TV which is hidden behind another glass surface, can easily take the place of the fairytales told in front of the fireplace.  

Stone, wood, glass, metal – all the elements combine and fashion a cozy home, a house in touch with the latest technologies, but which preserves the tranquility and harmony that the client needs.