Welcome to Bloomsbury’s blog!

Everything that surrounds us has a positive or a negative influence, each with a smaller or bigger impact. 

We experience this every day, in every interior we find ourselves in, even outside. Maybe this is the 

reason why we’ve turned to interior architecture, a field full of stories, textures, materials, feelings and 

especially people!  What is beyond these things? There is a lot of study, experience, projects which have 

made us of aware of the needs of others, even of new methods for combining elements so as to create 

spaces that have their own story, their own identity and their own unique flavors.

This is the blog for Bloomsbury, a virtual space dedicated to interior design, where arch. Cristina Postu 

and her friends disclose, analyze, create social and educational campaigns and innovate with their 

personal opinions on the subjects of products and interior design. 


It is a blog created out of pure passions, it is a space that present our soul in images and words, in the 

hope of inspiring you!