Every space tells a story, especially the interior, where we spend most of our time. We like stories which have beauty and style, which unravel many aspects about the people who give them life. Spaces with personality, that are organized and precious, are defined by a plurality of  material elements and the relationship between them. The emotions generated offer these spaces uniqueness and meaning.


build your story with us

About Bloomsbury Design, an interior design agency which breathes and inspires creativity. With passion, commitment and motivation we can transform any space according to the needs of the clients. We filter the imagination of the client through our years of experience and with our knowledge and rules of composition, we generate fabulous interiors that perfectly suit every personality.

Over time, we have accumulated a vast portfolio which captures how the challenges met along the way, have determined our preference for refinement and creativity. Design has no boundaries, anything is possible! We use our imagination free of any limit!

We work with the same dedication in shaping and designing different types of spaces: apartments, homes, office spaces, restaurants, cafe shops, showrooms, hotels,  spaces dedicated to children (playgrounds and kindergartens) , spas, swimming pools, casino and retail areas.

We never compromise in regard to quality and we are always aware of the complexity and the difficulty imposed by each project, as such, we address mainly open minded people. Those people who understand why an interior architect is needed to  define and compose quality spaces. We promote sustainable, high-end finishing materials; we create lasting concepts which are innovating, functional and imaginative. Due to these aspects, we offer design services for the medium- luxury market.


feel the story

It is not important just how you read, visualize or hear a story  - the way you feel and live the story is equally important; the manner in which the story inspires you, challenges you, how it opens up new perspectives. Getting to know our clients personally, helps us create their  dream story.


if you feel the story, you will become one with it

Every story has a beginning, a middle, an ending and we feel interior design follows in these steps. As such, we can be sure that we will work flawlessly, according to the nature of each project, with its demands and possibilities for cooperation.

The first step is to schedule a meeting with the beneficiary, where we present our services, our offer based on the requirements of the project. The offer varies according to the surface area and complexity of the design project.

The second step is to meet at the site of the project. We make a sense of the space, we measure carefully  and together with the client, we start the discussion about the design.

The next step involves the design theme: in a familiar environment, we talk about the destination of the proposed space and about the lifestyle of the people who will use it. Further, we identify the preferences of the client and if it is the case, we discuss details about scenography, colors, materials   and desired textures.

There shouldn’t be a fear of choice because we know there are no right or wrong preferences. Through experience and creativity we will guide the client toward the best options, those that best characterize him or her. We want to know our client, to know what he or she wants from the space (either he or she uses it directly or not). Only after gathering all this information we can start the creation process.

In a follow up meeting, we will present the concept for the space. The concept is not defined only by the  choices of furniture, accessories and lighting objects – the concept embodies the idea behind the project as well as the architecture of spaces and objects, the generated atmoshpere and the rules of composition.

Once we accept the challenge, we  start working on the technical details with everything that it involves, after which we contact our suppliers and manufacturers. We have a generous database of suppliers, including several global branches. Simultaneously, we supervise the site of the project. We visit the location every time it is necessary and we take the decisions together with the contractors and the beneficiary.


Bloomsbury- active, creative, balanced

Bloomsbury Design mitigates for the harmony of interior design stories and advocates for  physical and spiritual balance. We strongly believe in quality, uniqueness, in perfect details and design concepts which guide you toward never ending stories, full of unparalleled adventures.